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Since being establish in 1882, the Ranch has continually hosted events which mark a range of occasions. These events have brought people of the community together to enjoy conversation, games, food, drink, and traditions. The unique setting and natural beauty of the Ranch has served as the ideal backdrop for these gatherings. As we look to the future, we aim to continue this practice and build upon recent undertakings of recognizing historic eras and our agricultural heritage, hosting family get-togethers, and myriad other cultural and ethnic celebrations.


In 2018 we hosted the first Annual Mahon Ranch Hops and Brew Fest to recognize the reintroduction and production of hops on the Ranch since Prohibition halted the practice in 1920.

Band playing at Brewfest.png

Civil War Days

The Civil War had a profound impact on the course of American history, and for California, as well. Civil War Days brings reenactors from throughout the west to authentically recreate lifestyles and events for attendees. One day is set aside as an educational experience for hundreds of students from the surrounding area.

Civil War Days - Cannon #1.jpg

Special Events

The Ranch is a beautiful venue for special events including picnics and celebrations of crop harvests and the changing of the seasons, weddings, family gatherings, and myriad cultural and ethnic celebrations.

Mahon Ranch - Picnic #4_edited.jpg
Mahon Ranch - Sibley Tent on Event Island.jpeg
Mahon Ranch - Picnic #7.CR2
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Civil War Days - Enampment #3.jpg
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