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Ranch Operations

In operation since 1882, the Mahon Ranch is an authentic slice of California history. Though richly steeped in tradition, our 140 years of being in business has also meant constantly improving business practices while always looking to the future and pursuing progress. As to the future, our Custom Livestock and Feed and Forage operations will continue to be the bedrocks of Ranch production as we introduce compatible Event Venue programs.

Operations Gallery

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Custom Livestock

The Mahon Ranch custom raises cattle, maintaining a cow-calf herd of approximately 200 head.  When yearling calves reach a weight of 650 pounds, they are sold to commercial feedlots to bring them to market weight of 1,200 pounds.  Traditional livestock production will continue to be an essential part of Ranch operations. 

Mahon Ranch - Clay Ranch Roundup Day #5.jpg

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Feed and Forage

Currently, the Ranch provides feed and forage products to many farmers and animal owners in the region. Providing feed, which includes alfalfa, pasture, and grain hays, will remain a major focus of Ranch business. 

Mahon Ranch - Cindy Mahon Raking Hay.jpeg

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Event Venue

Since 1882, the Ranch has been a gathering place to enjoy camaraderie, conversation, games, food and drink. Into the future, this tradition will be broadened with myriad family, agricultural, cultural and ethnic celebrations.

Wedding Party Setup on Event Island.jpeg

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Rusty squeeze shoot
Calf in squeeze shoot
Farm Equiptment
Cows on the farm
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